Magnetic filters for heating systems Wimbledon SW19

We install MagnaClean, Sentinel and Fernox magnetic filters for heating systems in Wimbledon SW19, Balham SW12, Tooting SW17, Streatham SW16, Raynes Park SW20 and all over South West London and Surrey.

Why do I need a magnetic filter?

A lot of central heating systems can suffer from severe contamination with black iron oxide. Iron oxide is formed as a result of corrosion of steel radiators and other metallic components within the heating system. It takes time for this process to happen but hard water can increase the rate of corrosion.

The black iron oxide, also known as magnetite, bonds with other corroded debris in the system to form thick sludge deposits.

These particles stick to internal components, causing damage and premature failure of pumps and valves. If the boiler heat exchanger and pipework are affected, the heating system starts to lose efficiency. Over time the loss of efficiency can be dramatic. Tests have shown that even a minimal build up can result in a substantial drop in the efficiency of the boiler.

MagnaClean, Sentinel and Ferox filters

We install MagnaClean, Sentinel and Ferox magnetite filters for domestic and commercial heating systems.

  • Remove almost 100% of suspended black iron oxide
  • Traps free moving corroded particles
  • Prevents sludge deposits
  • No running costs
  • Increases boiler efficiency
  • Increases central heating system lifespan
MagnaClean Magnetic geating system filter

Magnetic filter installation

In order to install the magnetic filter, the water in the heating system needs to be drained. This means an ideal time to install a magnetic heating filter is when performing a power flush or installing a new central heating system or boiler.

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